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Chemical Recycling

Chemical Recycling: Another Attempt At Greenwashing By The Plastic Industry

We’ve known for a long time that so-called “chemical recycling” is a bogus answer since converting plastic into gasoline

chemical recycling

Chemical Recycling – An Attempt To Recycle The Unrecyclable Plastic

Every year, more than 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide. The way we normally recycle plastics is

Chemical Recycling-

Chemical Recycling – Beware Of False Promise From Plastic Industry

The fossil fuel industry has touted chemical recycling as a solution to the plastic crisis, amid an overwhelming plastic


New Report -Plastic Recycling Is Just Another Green-Wash

According to a recent Greenpeace USA analysis, most plastic simply cannot be recycled. Circular Claims Fall Flat Again, released

Fraunhofer ISE

Fraunhofer ISE’s New Recycling Process Is Capable of Extracting 100% Silicon

Old solar panels contain silicon, which can be recovered and processed to make new solar cells, according to a


Honeywell’s New Technique Can Enhance Global Plastic Waste Recycling To 90%

Honeywell International, a maker of chemicals and aviation components, stated this week that it has developed a new method


ReCell Develops A Low-cost Recycling Method For Li-ion Batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries power our technology present and future. However, the growing usage of lithium-ion batteries, particularly in vehicles, has

automated robotic disassembly system

An Automated Robotic Disassembly System For EV Battery Recycling

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a automated robotic disassembly system for spent

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