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Tesla Reworked Its Software To Survive The Chip Shortage

It hasn’t been simple for Tesla to stay ahead of the current semiconductor chip scarcity. Beyond finding more suppliers


At last – Global Chip Shortage Could Be (Finally) Over! 

Demand for the chips may be decreasing as swiftly as it increased two years ago, when the Covid 19


Tesla Is Eliminating Components To Address Global Chip Shortage

Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company, has cut shortcuts to cope with the pandemic’s severe supply chain troubles, creating


Chip Shortage – Why Can’t World Churn Out Enough To End This?

Nearly two years after pandemic-related disruptions began, a significant shortage of chips—the components that power cellphones, laptops, and an

Ola Electric

Ola Electric Again Postpones Delivery Date Due To Chip Shortage

Ola Electric is delaying the delivery of its first batch of electric scooters until between December 15th and December

Chip shortage

Automotive Chip Shortage – The Other REASON Behind This Shortage

The automobile sector is looking for more of those old outdated chips, which are now older than cell phones.

chip shortage

Global Chip Shortage May Raise Car & Laptop Prices By 15%

General Motors is again halting the assembly lines of several pickup truck plants because the company doesn’t have enough


Cortical Labs – Developing A.I. Chips Based On Human Neurons

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is trying to mimic the workings of a human brain in software. Cortical Labs, based in

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