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Karl Marx

Karl Marx May Have A Solution To The Climate Crisis

According to a Japanese researcher whose book on Marxism and the environment has become a surprise bestseller, the climate

climate crisis

Climate Crisis Is Not A Distant Future It Is Happening Now…

The IPCC’s latest report is real and the conclusion is therefore unmistakable: the climate crisis is not a distant future


New Study – Private EVs Are Not The Answer To Climate Crisis

It almost seems like owning an electric vehicle (EVs) is a silver bullet in the fight against climate change,

climate crisis

Investors Are Paying More Attention to Climate Crisis Risks

Climate crisis risks are real for equity investors, although they are not being addressed as robustly as they should

Climate crisis

C40: Preparing Cities For Climate Crisis

Climate crisis like the floods in Mozambique and Malawi, mudslides in Sierra Leona, droughts in Senegal and the Gambia,

Climate Crisis: No Time For Debate, Time To Take More Drastic Actions

As it stands, world leaders are way off track to prevent the worst effects of global climate change. A

Climate Crisis Is Leading To Mental Health Crisis Too…

The Greenlandic Perspective Survey tells us that 90% of Greenlanders accept that climate change is happening. More than that, it’s

Climate Crisis Economics Brings Two Competitors On The Table

Climate change crisis, a common enemy, has bought competitors BYD and Toyota together to strike a deal to develop

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