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radiative cooling

Radiative Cooling – Creating AC Chill Without Electricity Bill

Everything on Earth emits heat in the form of invisible infrared rays that rise skyward. At night, in the


High-efficiency Cooling Is A Climate Priority

Developing much more efficient cooling technologies will be critical to keeping the global temperature below 1.5°C within reach and

cooling system

Innovative – Using Outer Space As A Cooling System 24/7

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles want to use ‘Outer Space’ as a cooling system i.e.

PV system

Self-Cleaning PV System With Cooling Tech

A PV system equipped with an active cooling system and cleaning technology has been developed by researchers from Malaysia’s

solar panels

Cooling Solar Panels With Passive Coolants

A new technique for cooling solar panels has been under development in Egypt. A mixture of water, aluminum oxide

Collecting Geothermal Energy In Underground Spaces For Heating Or Cooling Buildings

Have you ever noticed that it gets kind of warm in an underground garage or down in a metro

Now Sun Is Cooling The Fruits & Vegetables For Farmers

India loses nearly 38 percent every year of its total harvest due to a variety of reasons, mainly related

Electric Vehicles

Charging Electric Vehicles In Just 5 Minutes Using This New Cable…

Charging electric vehicles is a tedious and unpleasant procedure even the finest vehicles under perfect circumstances need to be

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