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Udaipur Scientist gets Patent for Eco Friendly Machine

Ashish Khatri, an emerging scientist from Udaipur, has got a patent for his Banana Peeling Machine (BPM). The machine

Eco Friendly Ganpati idols are a HIT after GST

The Ganesh festival is round the corner and after the reduction of duty under GST regime on clay idols,


Cryptocurrencies Can Be Made Eco-friendly Up To A Great Extent!

People have a wide range of emotions when it comes to bitcoin. It’s the cryptocurrency that began it all,


Neeman – The Shoes That Are Eco-Friendly, Sustainable And Comfortable

One pair of leather shoes requires about 9,000 gallons of water to produce. On average, a household of four


Eco-Friendly Voting Booths Awaited Goa Voters In 2022

On Monday — voting day, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day — voters were greeted by eco-friendly booths

Stubble burning

Ending Stubble Burning With An Eco-Friendly Solution

Each fall, some paddy farmers in India’s northern state of Haryana set fire to the leftover stalks following the


uPod – An Eco-friendly And Doable Solution For Traffic Jams

Electric vehicles (EVs) create significantly less pollution than their ICE counterparts since they don’t release any exhaust pollution, whether


Why Aren’t Rockets Powered by Eco-Friendly Hydrogen?

From an environmental standpoint, a rocket should be hydrogen-fueled. When hydrogen is burned, it is combined with oxygen from

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