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Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings

Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings – A Lesser Known Approach For Reducing CO2 Emissions

The White House on May 17 announced a slate of new programs aimed at integrating US buildings into the clean

2500 Government Buildings to be Fitted with Super-Efficient AC’s

The Government has decided to install super-efficient air-conditioners in 2, 500 of its buildings for the first time in

green building

Green Buildings Are Both Eco As Well As Pocket Friendly

Architects are no longer trying to insulate workers, instead trying to create green structures which are in harmony with

energy efficient

Energy Efficient ‘Empire State Building’ Is Now Saving $4 Billion Yearly

The Empire State Building has invested more than $30 million to make it more energy efficient. The elevators in

Energy-Efficient ‘Transparent Woods’-No More A Far Fetched Idea

In an era of glass and steel construction, wood may seem old-school. But now researchers say they have given

India Has Less Than 2% Green Buildings

India has less than 2 percent green buildings but there is a huge opportunity to increase that number as

See-Through Solar Cells For Office And Buildings

Houses and office buildings account for 75% of electricity use and windows of these buildings leak energy, so in

ACREX Hall of Fame: Spotlight on Energy Efficient Projects

The ACREX Hall of Fame is a joint initiative by ISHRAE and Danfoss India to recognise the excellence achieved

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