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The “Doomsday Glacier” Is Melting At An Unprecedented Rate…

David Holland, an atmospheric scientist at New York University, demonstrates the rate of melting of the Thwaites Glacier. The


Swiss Skiing Resort Is Covering Glacier With Blankets To Prevent Ice Melting

In one of Switzerland’s most popular Alpine destinations, resort staff have been working over the summer months to limit

Pine island

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Is Melting Faster Than Before…

The ice shelf that holds Antarctica’s massive Pine Island Glacier from collapsing into the Southern Ocean is breaking up faster than

melting ice

Melting Ice Is Physically Reshaping Earth

The melting Arctic ice is physically reshaping the Earth’s crust, according to a study by Harvard scientist. The outermost

Pink Glacier

Cataclysmic – A Pink Glacier Is Just Another Red Flag

In Italy, the Presena glacier is turning pink due to algae, and this will make the ice melt even

Smaller Himalayan glaciers more sensitive to climate change

Glaciers in the Himalayas, which store large amounts of water in the form of glacial ice, have an intricate

glacial lake

Glacial Destruction Of Life And Property Is Becoming An Annual Event…

As the record-breaking, months-long heatwave continues, a major glacial lake outburst in Pakistan has destroyed a bridge, two power

ice shelf

Larsen Ice Shelf In Antarctica Has Broken Into The Ocean ;(

According to a news statement from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, a major portion of the Larsen Ice

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