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Vanadium Flow Battery

Vanadium Flow Batteries Are Becoming A Popular Grid Storage Option

Vanadium flow batteries are “good for grid storage.”. Few industries demonstrate this more than the telecoms sector. Most telecommunications

freeze-thaw battery

Freeze-Thaw Battery – A Possible Storage Solution For Grids

Engineers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory claim to have invented a freeze–thaw battery that can store energy for months,

tesla megapack

Tesla Will Use LFP Batteries In Megapack Grid-Scale Storage Systems

Tesla has begun using lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells in its Megapack grid-scale storage systems. Each Megapack has a

battery energy storage

India’s First Grid-scale Battery Energy Storage System Wins Innovation Award

Power discom Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) has won the CII Industrial Innovation Award for developing the country’s


Investments Went To Battery Storage, Smart Grid, & Efficiency Companies In Q1–Q3 2020

Mercom Capital has released its 3rd quarter report on investments in the battery storage, smart grid, and energy efficiency

Electricity Co-Op Buys Tesla's 93 MWh Grid-Scale Storage Battery

Homer Electric Association (HEA) is an energy cooperative that serves the needs of some 50,000 people living on the


Ecolution Plans To Gild Electric Trucks With Kinetic Energy Storage

Ecolution Power Company, located in Florida, is on a quest to gild the electric vehicle with kinetic energy storage,

Salient energy

Salient Energy Begins Zinc-ion Battery Trials For Residential Energy Storage

Salient Energy, a zinc-ion battery manufacturer, has teamed with Horton World Systems (HWS), one of America’s top residential and

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