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Face Mask

Upcycling Used Face Mask And Medical Waste Into Batteries

During the coronavirus epidemic, individuals throughout the world began wearing face mask, which is equal to more than 130

medical waste

Recycling Medical Waste To Make Bricks!

India’s medical waste management system is putting the environment at danger, and its 198 common bio-medical waste treatment facilities

Medical Waste : A New Health Menace

Biomedical wastes are a serious health hazard as they unleash harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites in the air but

Bio-medical Waste Rules Amended to Protect Human Health

Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules have been amended to improve compliance and strengthen the implementation of environmentally sound management of

India-Swachh Bharat Mission

India Process 73% Of Its Solid Waste – Really?

Kaushal Kishore, Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, has stated that seven Indian states handle more than

Green Technique To Convert Plaster Of Paris Waste Into Useful Products

A team of scientists has developed a technique that promises to help recycle Plaster of Paris waste from hospitals

Waste Management In India : A Reality Check

Over 377 million urban people generate 60 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per annum in India. Adding to

GMC to Install First Organic Waste Converter

Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) will set up its first organic waste converter behind the Gauhati Medical College (GMCH) and

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