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Alarming – Microplastics Are Being Deliberately Added To Soil

Our earth is becoming increasingly plastic. Plastic pollution has increased tremendously in recent years as a result of the


Microplastics Found In Human Blood For The First Time…

Microplastics have been identified in human blood for the first time, raising concerns that the omnipresent particles may be


Microplastics Are Responsible For Bowel Diseases

Globally, scientists have raised alarms about microplastics, small particles that have been discovered in the bodies of pregnant women,


New Evidence – Microplastics Are Being Found In Human Placenta

This story is incredibly disturbing and comes with a trigger warning, I didn’t wanted to share this at the


Microplastics Are Flooding Our Bodies

Microplastics are extremely pervasive throughout nature and have previously been found in the deepest points of our planet’s oceans,

Micro Catch: Catching Microplastics At Washing Machines Itself

While cotton is a natural product, materials like polyester, nylon, acrylics, and spandex are not, and each time we wash

Your Bottled Water Contains Microplastics

You already know how bad plastic bottles are for the planet. We go through a million of them per minute


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Shimmering With LIFE

As competitive distance swimmer Ben Lecomte neared the border of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, he began to notice

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