Sono Motors

Sono Motors, located in Munich, and Bosch, a well-known German company, have agreed to collaborate to build a network of vehicle repair shops that covers Europe. All maintenance and repair services will be given within the framework of the Bosch Car Service workshop concept and in accordance with current standards.Continue Reading


It seems like Electric Vehicle (EV) segment has become the new tech market for all types of investors. Besides venture capitalists (VCs), many corporate venture entities of Fortune 500 companies stepped in last year. In 2019, old mastodons like Intel, Airbus, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, Alliance, and Accel entered the e-mobilityContinue Reading

As the EV revolution progresses, it makes perfect sense to integrate solar cells into the exterior of cars, particularly on horizontal surfaces like roofs that are perfectly positioned to soak up sunshine and turn it into electrons.  Toyota and Hyundai are already offering solar roofs on some cars. Sono Motors takes the idea even furtherContinue Reading

Sion car, an all-electric solar vehicle that lets you charge as you drive. A Munich-based start-up, Sono Motors, founded in 2016, is developing the Sion, a fully-electric vehicle that has solar cells integrated into its bodywork. It can be charged via solar power, from conventional power outlets or other electricContinue Reading