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A Zero Emission Future Is Possible With Clean Electricity

A Zero Emission Future Is Possible With Clean Electricity

To stabilize the climate, scientists agree that we must reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, such that any leftover


Airlines Will Use Direct Air CO2 Capture To Achieve Zero Emissions

Airlines in the EU are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions or pay for the emissions they cause. Large


Indian Airports To Attain Net Zero Emissions By 2030

The government intends to make the majority of Indian airports carbon neutral by December 2024, and to attain net

electric vehicles

Zero Emission Vehicles Are The Future Of Long-Haul Trucking

To meet the EU’s climate ambitions, heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) must be decarbonized and most conventional trucks and buses must

Yara Birkeland

Yara Birkeland – World’s First Crewless, Zero Emission Cargo Ship Will Set Sail By Year End

The Norwegian chemical company, Yara International, has created what it calls the world’s first zero-emission, autonomous cargo ship. It’s


Hydrogen Powered Tractors For Zero Emission Farming

Hydrogen (H2) has many industrial uses — making ammonia, refining oil, steel production, food processing, etc. It is now

storage technology

Existing Storage Technologies Can Take Us To A Zero Emission World

The role of renewable energy and storage technologies in helping the world to combat climate change is expected to


No New Miracle Technology is Needed For Zero Emission, We Need ACTION…

We know what we need to do to cut carbon emissions and clean up the air we breathe —

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