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SoCalGas launches Solar-Powered Hydrogen Generation System

Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) has introduced solar-powered system that converts natural gas to hydrogen with no carbon emissions. Developed

Mumbai’s Cooperative Housing Society Cuts Electricity Bill by 83%

Twin Star Cooperative Housing Society in Rupa Nagar, Kurla (West), Mumbai, with 56 flats, has installed a 20 kilowatt

Underwater Kite Harnesses Ocean Energy

A completely new concept of underwater wave energy using a simple 7 ton kite turbine design has been developed

What We Know about the Climate Change–Hurricane Connection

With Texas just beginning to recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and the Southeastern U.S. preparing for Hurricane Irma’s

Cyborg bacteria can harvest solar energy to produce fuel

Scientists have created cyborg bacteria – microbes covered with tiny, highly efficient solar panels – that are better than

Biomass- a sustainable green energy

To many people, the most familiar forms of renewable energy are the wind and the sun. But biomass (plant

Advancements in Solar Photo Voltaic Technology

Where does solar energy stand today, and where does it need to go in order for us to make

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