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5 Game-Changing Innovations in Renewable Power

1. Printable solar panels Solar panels use cells made of silicon,but the new innovation is using solar ink which

World Energy Council predicts 70% drop in Energy storage cost

We simply can’t keep pumping toxins in the air that we breathe and keep messing with the composition of

Clean Energy for the FUTURE

The past century has seen rapid developments in all fields paving a way for a better and comfortable future.

Should we SWITCH to Renewable Energy?

The words climate change and renewable energy has become the buzz words in media, conferences, summits or major national

A brief story of WIND POWER…..

Wind energy has been in use for many millennia in various forms, the earliest being used to move boats

Gram Orja Micro-grid

As per the Indian government’s rural electrification policy, a village is deemed ‘electrified’ if basic infrastructure such as distribution

Oil firms look for green investments

Higher taxes on fossil fuels and the climate change goals of national governments are prompting oil and gas companies

India’s Renewable Energy Investment Story so far…

Around 293 global and domestic companies have committed to generate 266 GW of solar, wind, mini-hydel and biomass-based power

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