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Amazon Receives Its First Custom Electric Delivery Vehicle

Amazon has revealed the first of three customized electric delivery vehicles to be built by Rivian. The company says

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Drones Can Deliver Now After FAA Go Ahead

Amazon Prime Air, the retail giant’s drone delivery project, was just designated an “air carrier” by the Federal Aviation


Amazon India Invests Big In A Green & Sustainable Future

Amazon, an e-commerce giant and one of the world’s largest companies, has announced several initiatives to emphasize its commitment


Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is On Sale At Amazon

Sony has developed a wearable personal air conditioner, called “Reon Pocket,” this device can stick inside a specially-designed pocket

Amazon Climate pledge fund

Amazon Pledges $2 Billion Towards Climate

Amazon announced last week that it had created a $2 billion climate pledge fund that it will use to


Amazon Feels Zoox Might Have The Secret To Robotaxis

Zoox, based out of California, has been working for years on autonomous ride-hailing technology. It was valued at $3


Amazon To Develop 615 MW RE, On Way To “Shipment Zero”

Amazon’s commitment to achieving 80% of its power requirements by renewable energy (RE) by 2024 and net-zero carbon target


Amazon Custom Built Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle With Rivian

Amazon is new to the world of parcel delivery and initially opted for a fleet of diesel-powered Mercedes Sprinter

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