The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station in East Antarctica proves that renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels can power a community with zero emissions electricity anywhere in the world. The station was first imagined by Belgian explorer Alain Hubert, who crossed Antarctica by kite ski in 1998. ItContinue Reading

The scientists at Germany’s Neumayer Station III are eating well tonight as something green has been grown in the icy white desert of Antarctica, without the help of sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Neumayer III’s researchers just harvested their first crop of Antarctica-grown vegetables, picked from a high-tech greenhouse that makesContinue Reading

Climate Change Evidence Is Staring At Us In The Face…

Climate change continues to develop in 2022, from mountain summits to ocean bottoms, according to a World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) annual report. Droughts, floods, and heatwaves wreaked havoc on communities throughout the globe, costing billions of dollars. Antarctic sea ice has shrunk to its lowest extent on record, while theContinue Reading

Electricity out of thin air

Australian scientists have discovered a means to create electricity out of thin air, literally, which is an exciting development in the realm of sustainable energy research. Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, researchers found a novel bacterial enzyme that converts traces of hydrogen in our environment into energy, a technique thatContinue Reading