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Oil India

Oil India To Set Up 100 kW Green Hydrogen Plant

Oil India Ltd is putting up a unit to create green hydrogen at its Jorhat oilfield in Assam, the

green hydrogen

For Green Hydrogen To Be Widely Adopted, Prices Must Fall Below $2/Kg

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that is created by electrolysis using renewable energy. This technique separates hydrogen from oxygen in


Deonar Waste Mountains Near Mumbai May Finally Vanish IF…

Mumbai’s Deonar waste mountains, India’s largest and oldest, contain more than 16 million tonnes of trash and are strewn

Scrappage Policy

India Finally Has A Vehicle Scrappage Policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 13 launched the Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Program, or the automobile scrappage policy. The


SBI Is Caught Between Two Opposing Views Of Development

India’s biggest bank, State Bank of India (SBI), is caught between Larry Fink and Narendra Modi. It is being


Gujarat To Get A 30 GW RE Park & 100 MLD Desalination Plant

India’s largest renewable energy (RE) generation park will come up in Gujarat with a generation capacity of 30 gigawatts


RE-Invest 2020 – Indian Renewable Space Is A $20 Billion/Year Business Opportunity

At the third global RE-Invest conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said told the august gathering that India’s renewable sector


Alarming – No Water, For 350 Million People Globally, By 2050

From taps running dry to flooding, cities could face dramatically increased “water risks” unless urgent action is taken to

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