Supercapacitors have been around since the 1950s, but their true potential has only just become apparent. They store energy in the same way as batteries do, but on entirely different principles. Before we get to them, it’s important to discusses briefly, what a conventional capacitor is, in order to betterContinue Reading

EcoFlow River Mini Wireless

The drop in the cost of lithium-ion batteries over the past decade has paved the way for an entirely new generation of portable power stations. EcoFlow is one such company which has been developing and producing portable power stations since 2016, and they have recently launched their smallest portable device,Continue Reading


A German company called Magment has partnered with the Indiana state government and Purdue University to test out new, high tech streets that automatically charge the battery of any electric vehicle (EV) outfitted with a special receiver that’s driving down them. The Magment roads rely on magnetic particles mixed into concrete which,Continue Reading