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Electric scooter

20 Electric Scooters Catch Fire While In Transit…

Electric scooters and fires seem to be synonymous these days, and in what may be the worst EV fire


Ola Scooter Catches Fire In Pune…

An Ola S1 pro electric scooter caught fire just months after it was launched. On Saturday, a video of

Giant Cargo Ship Carrying Electric Luxury Cars Catches Fire…

Last week, a massive cargo ship carrying expensive automobiles, including multiple Porsches, caught fire, forcing the 22-member crew to

electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles Are 10X LESS Likely To Catch Fire Than Petrol Ones…

To illustrate the importance of fire safety in vehicles – both electric and conventional – AutoInsuranceEZ compiled data from

Fire and Ice

The Butterfly Effect Link Between Western Wildfires & Arctic Sea Ice

“Some believe the world will end in fire, while others believe it will end in ice.” However, the link


Are Fires In Electric Vehicles A Common Occurrence?

Despite strong feelings that convinced a condominium organization in Colorado to prohibit electric vehicles (EVs) from parking in their

rooftop solar

90% Of Rooftop Solar Installations Are At The Risk Of Catching Fire…

According to a recent research, the worldwide rooftop solar industry was worth $62.4 billion in 2019 and is expected

battery fires

Battery Fires May Impact Electric Vehicle Adoption…

Ford, General Motors, and Hyundai are all battling battery fires in their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. A few

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