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Solar to Light up Salt Lake Civic Headquarters in Kolkata

Solar power will soon light up Poura Bhavan, the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation’s headquarters in Salt Lake. Salt Lake civic

Aluminum-Sulfur Battery

Aluminum & Sulfur – A New Concept For Low-Cost Batteries

Donald Sadoway (who has been at MIT since 1978) and his research colleagues recently reported the development of an


New Adsorbent Material Filters 2 Toxins Simultaneously From Water

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are tackling a worldwide water problem with a novel

Sodium-Ion Batteries

New Longer Lasting Sodium-Ion Batteries Are Coming Soon

In laboratory tests, a research team from the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed a sodium-ion battery


Heatwave Is Melting Airport Runway In Britain

England is being cooked by a lethal heatwave – literally, in the instance of one Royal Air Force facility,

Mitsubishi Power

Mitsubishi Is Constructing World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Hub 

Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. has chosen Emerson, a world-leading software and engineering company, to automate the world’s largest green


Stellantis Uses Inductive Charging to Showcase Unlimited EV Range

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about electric cars that use inductive charging to keep their batteries charged

climate change

Climate Change Is Converting Lakes Into Environmental Nuclear Bomb

Climate change is shrinking Utah’s Great Salt Lake, threatening an environmental disaster that may transform the air around Salt

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