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Government Withdraws The Draft Amendment To The Indian Forests Act 1927

The Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Shri Prakash Javadekar categorically stated, “We are completely withdrawing

A Burning Amazon Rainforest Is Equivalent To A “Doomsday Bomb”

Amazon river basin is roughly the size of Australia. Created at the beginning of the world by a smashing

Amazon Rainforest Is On Fire And That is Very Bad For Climate

Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and scientists warn that it could strike a

Protect “Primary” Tropical Rainforests, Before It Is To Late

Old growth, or “primary” tropical rainforests, are a crucially important forest ecosystem, containing trees that can be hundreds or

Drones, Automation, & Reforestation

Climate change is bringing about a new reality in which increasingly high temperatures and dry conditions are transforming our

Protect Original Forest Rather Than Regrowing Them : Study

Housing much of Earth’s carbon and biodiversity, tropical forests are, arguably, the planet’s most important ecosystems. Yet, they continue

Mixed Farm-Forest Landscapes Also Support Bird Biodiversity: Study

A new study has found that mixed agriculture-forest landscapes near protected areas can also be used to promote conservation

World’s Largest Reforestation effort is Underway

The largest tropical reforestation effort in history aims to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon by 2023.

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