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Recogni Planning To Deliver Full Self-Driving Tech In Next 6 Months

Recogni is one of the best-kept secrets in the autonomous driving industry, a hidden champion that plans to deliver


Ford & Mobileye Are Working On Self-Driving Systems

Alongside Argo.AI, Ford is also working with Mobileye — which is owned by Intel — on self-driving systems. According


Volvo Partners With Waymo For Self-Driving Tech

Volvo Car Group announced today that it is partnering with Waymo, the self-driving tech firm that spun out of

Self-Driving Cars Are Possible Without LiDARs

Lidar is a technology similar to radar that uses light instead of radio waves to gather information about the

Self-Driving Truck Company Raises $40 Million

Kodiak Robotics with a team of just 10 employees has raised a funding of $40 million in series A


Tesla Is Being Sued For False Advertising Of Its Autopilot Feature

Tesla is being sued for deceptively marketing its controversial driving assistance capabilities as “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving.” According to

Volkswagen Group China Unveils eVTOL Passenger Drone Prototype

New – Volkswagen Group China Unveils eVTOL Passenger Drone Prototype

Volkswagen Group China presented its first electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) passenger drone prototype today as part of

Artificial Leaves

New Discovery – Floating “Artificial Leaves” Generate Clean Fuels

The University of Cambridge researchers created ultra-thin, flexible gadgets inspired by photosynthesis, the mechanism through which plants turn sunlight

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