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High GST on Batteries a Road Block on EV adoption

High tax on batteries used in electric vehicles under the goods and services tax regime (GST) may prove a

MIT Unveils “air breathing” Battery

Last week, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based (and U.S. Department of Energy-funded) researchers reported that they have developed

Nissan Unveils Concept Ambulance & Electric Delivery Van

Nissan, intent to capture one more market segment for electric vehicles, has unveiled its solution for certain urban delivery

10 Myths & Criticisms Of Electric Cars Explored & Exploded

New ideas always make us nervous at first. Airplanes and automobiles were once considered dangerous but now are part

Toshiba EV Battery Lasts for 200 Miles and Charges in Just 6 Minutes

In 2008, the Japanese company pioneered SCiB rechargeable battery cells, and now, they claim to have developed even better

Bosch Introduces 48-Volt Battery For Hybrids

Bosch has introduced a new 48-volt battery product intended for use in hybrids, and designed to be easily integrated

NEC’s Green Telecom Tower Tech now in India

Indian tower companies are under pressure to reduce fuel consumption by diesel generators due to cost reduction requirements and

Battery Electricity Storage Costs could fall 66% & Grow 17-fold by 2030

Battery electricity storage is a key technology in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy system. Battery systems can

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