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Clairy NATEDE : Filtering Indoor Air Using Plants and Tech

Clairy has launched new NATEDE air purifier that takes nature’s best living air cleaners and makes them part of the

Crop residue burning in North affecting rest of India too: study

Crop residue burning in Punjab and Haryana is often blamed for worsening air quality in the Delhi National Capital

Low-cost Method To Help Remove Toxic Dyes In Wastewater

Water contamination due to dyes is a major cause of worry. A new study says sawdust from teak wood

Vanadium Flow Batteries : The Future of Energy

Although history shows redox fuel cell concepts emerged around 1955, NASA brought the idea to life in the ’70s

Marine Algae’s Impact on Global Climate and Indian Monsoon

In a few weeks from now, seasonal forecast for the Indian summer monsoon will be announced. Among various parameters

Ornamental Plants Release Maximum Oxygen

The recent Nasa findings that ornamental plants release maximum oxygen seem to have prompted the Assam government to plan

Is India Weather-Ready and Climate Smart?

As a concept “Weather-ready” means the level of readiness of any country to forecast different types of weather phenomena

Rs.55.29 crore released for Desilting of Water Bodies

De-siltation of water bodies and dams is prime responsibility of owners of water bodies and dam owners who are

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