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Stricter Forecasting Norms For India Solar Operators

Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has been insisting states to adopt new forecasting rules that will force solar energy plant

Why biodiesel algae is not cost effective?

Photosynthetic algae need carbon dioxide, water and light in order to grow (in addition to various other nutrients like

Getting CCL technology ready for use at coal power plants

Among second generation carbon capture technologies stands ‘Calcium carbonate looping’ (CCL). But even though it is considered less toxic

Big Companies Fueling US Renewable Growth

Last year nearly 40 per cent of US wind contracts were signed by big corporations, along with university and

‘Sunny opportunity for India to revolutionise mobility’

Like energy, our ideas about sustainability and mobility need constant renewal. Right now, we are going through a galvanising

Mr.Piyush Goyal, highlights Green Power Capacity in Germany

Piyush Goyal, who visited Berlin, Leipzig and Munich to participate in a number of bilateral and business meetings, informed

The key to offshore success: quality and reliability

The 6.XM series was developed specially for offshore use. When producing energy far off the coast, there are several

21st century may see the last of fossil fuels…

After years of hype and erratic inconsistent starts, the shift to clean power has begun to accelerate at a pace

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