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Saving Honeybees From Air Pollution

A new study has found that air pollution is a major threat to honeybees. In the new study from

Bionic Bees To Assist Farmers in Plantation And Monitoring Pests

Farmers across the globe are now using drones to do everything from plant crops to monitor for pests. But

mass extinction

Sixth Mass Extinction Event Is Entirely Human-Caused

Today’s humans are seeing the start of the world’s first mass extinction in 65 million years. What does the


Without Insects We All Are Doomed…

It is haunting to learn that population of insects like grasshopper, bumblebee, ant and many other species are declining


Navisun’s New “Pollinator-friendly” Solar Initiative

A solar power company, Navisun, has just added a couple of solar projects to a special new “pollinator-friendly” solar


Revealing – Radioactive Honey Is Being Served Only For You…

Radioactive fallout from the military’s hundreds of above-ground nuclear bomb tests in the middle of the 20th century provide

2018: A Retrospective Of Climate Events In The World

January/ Norway Bans Fur Farming – The Norwegian government passed a total ban on all fur farming. 340 fur

Insect Stings Inspire Syringe-Needle Designs

Inspired by mosquito and honeybee stings, scientists are trying to design a smart syringe needle that promises to be

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