Global sales of electric vehicles are expected to break another record this year, increasing their percentage in the entire automobile market to over one-fifth and ushering in a dramatic restructuring of the auto industry with consequences for the energy sector, particularly oil. According to the latest edition of the InternationalContinue Reading

Electric Vehicles

Automobiles and other motorized vehicles have left a significant physical impression on modern cities. According to estimates, most of the land space in contemporary cities is allocated to streets and highways, parking lots, service stations, driveways, signals and traffic signs, automobile-related companies, car dealerships, and other structures. All of thatContinue Reading

uttar pradesh

In order to make Uttar Pradesh (UP) a USD 1 trillion economy, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has chosen to develop the state’s western and central areas into a center for auto and electric vehicle sectors, according to an official announcement. The chief minister has informed authorities that the auto andContinue Reading

Electric F-150 Lightning

It’s common knowledge that cold weather is bad for lithium-ion batteries in electric cars like the Ford F-150 Lightning. “Temperatures below 40°F cause the electrolyte solution to become sluggish, reducing how much power is available to discharge and how quickly the vehicle’s battery can charge,” Ford writes in a pressContinue Reading

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly changing the automotive scene, but opponents have underlined how substantial their emissions are from production to disposal, while being advertised as more ecologically benign than petrol, and the truth is that they aren’t totally incorrect…because when created and disposed of, EVs emit large amounts ofContinue Reading