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Oxygen Depletion May Trigger Another Mass Extinction In Ocean

At the end of the Permian Period, around 252 million years ago, the biggest extinction catastrophe in Earth’s history

mass extinction

Sixth Mass Extinction Event Is Entirely Human-Caused

Today’s humans are seeing the start of the world’s first mass extinction in 65 million years. What does the

mass extinction

The Sixth Mass Extinction Has Already Started, Scientists Say

At least five mass extinction events have decimated life on Earth over the past 450 million years — and


Biodiversity Loss Is Rushing Us Towards a “Ghastly Future” of Mass Extinction

The planet, as you may have heard, is in pretty bad shape. But the immense scale of the threats

Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction On Cards – A 252 Million Year Old Event Might Be Repeating Itself

Climate change and rising temperatures are already causing a mass exodus away from the equator; this region is the


MIT- Extinction Seems Inevitable For Human Race…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) geophysics professor Daniel Rothman says we’re on the verge of a mass extinction, and

the great dying

The”Great Dying” Event Will Be Repeated If Humans Continue On Course…

Human activity has brought back one of the top warning signs that preceded the “Great Dying” at the end

Gen Z

Gen Z – “Climate Change Is Inevitable Still A Big No To Fossil Fuel Jobs”

The majority of Generation Z (Gen Z) — that’s people born after 1996 or so — believes that the

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