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A New Device That Filters Saltwater 1000 Times Faster

Scientists have invented a gadget that filters saltwater a thousand times quicker than routinely used desalination devices, which might


Are Supercapacitors the Future of Energy Storage?

Howard Becker, a General Electric engineer, invented the first supercapacitors in the 1950s. NEC gave this name in 1978,

biodegradable plastic

Creating Biodegradable Plastic From Wood

Plastics are one of the world’s largest polluters, taking hundreds of years to degrade in nature. Efforts to shift

solar paint

Solar Paint- An Innovation That Will Redefine Energy Industry

Solar Paint – an innovative paint that not only generates electricity but still works as a normal paint. It

Surprise Discovery For Indian Scientists: Nanosheets Can Also Act As Chemical Reagents

Team from IIT Gandhinagar discovers that boron-rich nanosheets are chemical reagents too, with potential applications in energy storage devices

New Nanocomposite Can Help In Cleaning Air

Carbon monoxide is a major air pollutant posing threat to human health. A team of scientists led by researcher

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