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A New Device That Filters Saltwater 1000 Times Faster

Scientists have invented a gadget that filters saltwater a thousand times quicker than routinely used desalination devices, which might

SaltX Technology

SaltX EnerStore Control System To Be Designed By ABB

ABB has signed a cooperation agreement with Sweden-based energy storage company SaltX Technology to enable the development of a


WaterLight – A Portable Lantern That Works On Salt Water Or Urine For 45 Days

According to the World Health Organization, at least 840 million people around the world are without access to electricity,

A Solar-Powered System To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Drinking Water For 25000 People Each Day

People have been trying to turn seawater into drinking water for thousands of years, but the process is not

Indian Scientists Develop A New Salt-Tolerant Transgenic Rice Plant

A group of Indian scientists have developed a new salt-tolerant transgenic rice plant, at Kolkata-based Bose Institute, by over-expressing

Our Drinking Water Is Making Oceans Saltier

Increasing salinity is one of the most important environmental issues of the 21st century. Regions without enough drinking water

Cutting Down On Rock Salt And Fluoride Can Help Tackle Anaemia

For several decades, India has been trying to reduce the health burden due to anaemia. This condition is known to

Can molten salt make 24-hour solar energy possible?

Clean energy companies like SolarReserve want to prove molten salt can aid solar power electricity any time of day.

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