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Are Supercapacitors the Future of Energy Storage?

Howard Becker, a General Electric engineer, invented the first supercapacitors in the 1950s. NEC gave this name in 1978,


Can Supercapacitors Replace Batteries In Our Devices?

Supercapacitors have been around since the 1950s, but their true potential has only just become apparent. They store energy


Turning Trash Into Supercapacitors For Energy Storage

UC Riverside engineers have developed a way to recycle plastic waste, such as soda or water bottles, into a


Supercapacitors May Replace Batteries In Smartphones & Power Wearables

There are batteries and there are supercapacitors. Both do the same thing — store electrical energy. Batteries charge relatively

Faster Way To Fabricate Flexible Micro-supercapacitors

Flexible, lightweight and highly efficient micro-supercapacitors have been developed by Indian scientists, for potential use in advanced miniaturized digital

Sustainable Supercapacitors From Wood

Unlike batteries, supercapacitors can charge and discharge much more rapidly — a boon for impatient drivers who want to

Face Mask

Upcycling Used Face Mask And Medical Waste Into Batteries

During the coronavirus epidemic, individuals throughout the world began wearing face mask, which is equal to more than 130

Exponent Energy

Exponent Energy Promises To Charge An EV From 0 to 100% In Just 15 Minutes!

Exponent Energy, a Bengaluru-based firm, has developed the E-pack and E-pump battery packs and charging stations. The firm says

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