Author: Roshan

Beautiful Plant Pots Upcycled Exclusively From E-Waste

EWA , the Bengaluru based company, behind the beautiful plant pots which are upcycled exclusively from e-waste. Along with

GreenBase & Vestas To Build Wind Turbine Park In Chennai

GreenBase, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hiranandani Group, has inked a deal to build a wind turbine park and warehousing set-up

Birds Eye Energy: First And Only ‘Duplex Solar Panel’ In India

Birds Eye Energy, a Hyderabad based company, has created a two-in-one or duplex solar panel that generates electricity and

Odisha Gears Up To Implement NGT Order On Solid Waste Management Beyond Urban Areas

Odisha’s Ganjam district is witnessing a pioneering effort to implement solid waste management in rural areas. The move comes

Manganese Dioxide-Zinc Batteries: A Indian Answer To Lithium Batteries

High voltages in Li-ion batteries have allowed it to capture the electric vehicle, mobile electronics and grid-storage markets. Li-ion

Is It Time To Buy Electric Vehicles?

We’ve been going through a transition period in the past few years, where the oil industry and the traditional

APTEL: No Public Hearing On Solar PPAs In Andhra

The Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) has directed the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission not to hold public hearings

Praj Industries ‘Enfinity’ Technology To Be Used In USA’s First Bagasse-Based Bio-Refinery.

Subsequent to the successful demonstration of performance and due diligence of its 2G ethanol technology by a US-based Oil

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