Author: Roshan

Indian Telecom Industry Is Experimenting With Green Solutions

The Indian telecom industry which accounts for around 1% of the country’s total carbon dioxide emissions – higher than

I-SMART Program: The Indian Solar Market Aggregation For Rooftops

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in association with Cadmus Group has launched a program called ‘Indian Solar Market

BARC Develops ‘Green’ Nanosilver Coating

A group of Indian researchers has now developed a new method to prepare silver nanoparticle loaded antibacterial powder that

2020: First Renewables-Powered Olympics Games

Committing to 100% renewable power for the 2020 games, Japan’s Olympic organizing committee plans to offset all unavoidable CO₂

Extra Benefit And Benefits Of Owning An EV

Carbon monoxide is generated when fuel is burned in vehicles, and equipment like furnaces, grills, and lanterns. Because we

Marut Drones: Helping Indian Solar Farms With Real Time Data

India, as a nation is trying to realize the potential of solar energy, as such, it becomes critical to

Exemption Of CPPs Will Hurt India’s Chances Of Achieving ‘175 GW Target’

As India hopes to meet the target of 175 gigawatt (GW) renewable energy installation capacity by 2022, as part

Energy-Efficient ‘Transparent Woods’-No More A Far Fetched Idea

In an era of glass and steel construction, wood may seem old-school. But now researchers say they have given

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