Author: Roshan

An All Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery Is On Its Way…

Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium say they have discovered a new material they call LTPS

Where Are Solar Electric Vehicles Headed…

People are rightly skeptical of solar-electric vehicles. Getting electricity from the sun is a great thing for both the

Reality Check: Indian Solar EPCs Are Shutting Shops In Numbers

The falling margins and tariff pressure have forced Indian Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) rooftop solar players to shut

“Solar Partners” Model: Can Unlock The Residential Rooftop Segment

In recent years, India’s commercial and industrial sectors have witnessed the rising uptake of rooftop solar installations. One of

Climate Change: Investors Are Concerned & Listening

In larger and larger numbers, institutional investors are calling on oil-and-gas companies and other fossil fuel firms to adjust

Advantages Of Wind Energy Over Other Renewable Sources

All forms of generation have different characteristics. Some are better, some are worse in specific circumstances, which is part

Impossible Foods Is Trying Its Hands On Fishless Fish

First, there was the meatless burger. Soon we may have fishless fish. Impossible Foods, the meatless meat company behind

Power Optimization Of Wind Farms Through Wake Steering

Race cars and Sailboats leave eddies of disturbed air in their wake, thus slowing down the one behind. Researchers

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