Category: Technology

Pegasus To Bring eVTOL That Can Also Operate As An eCTOL

South African urban air mobility (UAM) startup Pegasus Universal Aerospace, founded in 2012, has an interesting electric vertical take-off

Happy Seeder: A Solution To Crop Residue Burning

A new study has found that farmers in north India, can not only help reduce air pollution but also

Japan To Build World’s First Zero-Emission Tanker

Four Japanese companies have teamed up to build the world’s first zero emission tanker. Yes, it’s a coastal tanker

A Foldable Solar House Which Can Be Purchased On Amazon

Recently we saw the listing of a foldable solar-powered house on Amazon. As Cnet reports, the Weizhengheng house comes

Saildrone: Helping To Understand The Most Inhospitable Location On Earth

The Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica is a dark and forbidding place where winds often exceed 80 miles per

A New Lithium-Ion Cell Outperforms Solid-State Batteries

For years, the Holy Grail of battery research has been making solid-state battery cells that replace the liquid electrolyte

Meghdoot: A New Mobile App Launched To Assist Indian Farmers

The Ministries of Earth Sciences and Agriculture have launched a mobile application, called Meghdoot, that will provide location, and

A Solar-Powered System To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Drinking Water For 25000 People Each Day

People have been trying to turn seawater into drinking water for thousands of years, but the process is not

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