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World’s Strongest Magnet Is On Its Way To Making Fusion Energy A Reality

Engineers are shipping the world’s most powerful magnet to the construction site of the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor

Pine island

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Is Melting Faster Than Before…

The ice shelf that holds Antarctica’s massive Pine Island Glacier from collapsing into the Southern Ocean is breaking up faster than


The Great Indian Bustard Is Jeopardizing Renewable Energy Dream

In an effort to save the great Indian bustard from flying into power lines, a Supreme Court order is

supply chain

Building A Resilient Supply Chain

Record-long times from order to delivery have become common. Wide-scale shortages of essential basic materials seem in the daily

Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming- Extracting CO2 from Air and Storing it in Soil

With global carbon emissions hitting an all-time high in 2018, the world is on a trajectory that climate experts


No New Miracle Technology is Needed For Zero Emission, We Need ACTION…

We know what we need to do to cut carbon emissions and clean up the air we breathe —

F-150 Lightning

Ford’s F-150 Lightning Is All Set To Revolutionize All-electric Pickup Segment

When Ford’s F-150 Lightning goes on sale in 2022, this EV could single-handedly revolutionize not only the nascent all-electric


Audi Pilots Concept For a Premium Rapid Charging Hub

Audi is wise to the fact that days of the internal combustion engine are well and truly numbered. Recognizing

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