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New Tech – Using Supercritical CO2 To Generate Electricity

Sandia National Laboratories researchers supplied energy generated by a novel power-generation technology for the first time. The system, which

solar powered car

Solar Powered Vehicles Are Met With Skepticism…

Solar powered vehicles are met with suspicion. The obvious issue is that solar electricity does not generate enough power


Renault Is Bullish On Converting Commercial Vehicles To Electric

Converting automobiles to run on electricity is not a new concept. For a long time, EV conversions were the

Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport Is Solely Functioning Now On Green Energy

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in Delhi has transitioned to hydro and solar electricity for its consumption needs

Wave energy

First Wave Energy Project That Is Actually Generating Electricity For Client

Many people have attempted, with varied degrees of success, to convert the movement of waves into a sustainable kind


Sale Of Electric Vehicles Have Increased By 163% In India

India, which surpassed Germany to become the world’s fourth largest automobile market in May 2022, is embracing the e-mobility

Samsung Batteries Are Bursting Out of Phones Due To Heatwave

Samsung Batteries Are Bursting Out of Phones Due To Heatwave

Mrwhosetheboss, a YouTube tech reviewer who goes by the name Arun Maini, claims to have made a frightening discovery

solar panels

Solar Panel Recycling Market Will Be Worth $2.7 Billion By 2030

A solar panel has an estimated useful life of 20 years. That implies that many panels installed in the

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