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Driver Assist System

Largest Study – Do Driver Assist Systems Really Work?

Are human drivers, backed up by technological aid when we fall short, a safer option that is now available?

Solar trees to light up parks in Kolkata

The West Bengal Government is taking a lot of initiatives to increase the share of renewable energy to the

Clean Solar Project

CleanSolar, 7.5MW, is one of the largest in-house Mahindra Susten Azimuth tracker (MSAT100TM) Project, commissioned in 2016. Installed in

The key to offshore success: quality and reliability

The 6.XM series was developed specially for offshore use. When producing energy far off the coast, there are several

Gram Orja Micro-grid

As per the Indian government’s rural electrification policy, a village is deemed ‘electrified’ if basic infrastructure such as distribution

Solar RoofTop -Replacing DG in residential socities

Across India, diesel generators, commonly known as DG sets, are used by factories, commercial establishments, residential societies and individual

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