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waste age

Waste Age Can Come To An END, If We As A Society Demand…

Waste blurs the line between nature and society. Climate change has changed the weather, and plankton thousands of metres


Making Hydrogen A Primary Source Of Green Energy Is A Misguided Strategy…

Ambitions to make hydrogen (H2) a critical energy carrier for a climate-friendly future are misplaced, according to Anthony Patt,


Shell – The Renewable Energy Game, Oil Companies Are Playing

Shell presently has a worldwide carbon footprint comparable to that of Russia when customer emissions are included, and it

India Coal

India Demonstrates A Just Transition Away From Coal…

By 2030, India has committed to generating 50% of its power from renewable sources, but for this to happen,


COP26 Menu Left Absurdly High Carbon Footprint – Another Example Of Double Standards :(

This year’s Glasgow Climate Change Conference (COP26) has been riddled with double standards, with many world leaders flying in

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