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Breakthrough - Mushroom Skin For Sustainable Electronics

New Frontier – Mushroom Skin For Sustainable Electronics

As Gadgets, like computers, telephones, and smartwatches become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives, a huge mountain of electronic

Zevvy is an EV lease that is customizable, flexible, and affordable.

Zevvy – A Customizable, Flexible And Affordable EV Lease

Zevvy is a startup that aims to make used (secondhand) electric cars accessible to people who need them the


Are Humans On The Verge Of Collapse, Or Do We Have Hope?

Across the political spectrum, there is a widespread and rising belief that the human enterprise is on the verge

Karl Marx

Karl Marx May Have A Solution To The Climate Crisis

According to a Japanese researcher whose book on Marxism and the environment has become a surprise bestseller, the climate

Solar Gardens

With Solar Gardens Everyone Can Now Participate In Clean Energy Revolution

Australia is known across the world for having the greatest rate of household rooftop solar installation. However, more than


New – Is Cricket Viable in the Face of Climate Change?

Climate change / crises is having a significant impact on both sportsperson and sports, particularly if the sport of


Michelin Says EV Owners Should Pay Special Attention To Tires

According to the French tire company, Michelin, electric cars place different types of stress on tires, therefore drivers should

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