IIT (Mandi) Is Developing A ‘One-Stop-App’ For All Your Solar Installation FAQs

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An app is being developed by alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Mandi, which will serve as a single point of information for consumers who are interested in installing solar panels and using electricity derived from them.

The app will provide information on procurement, installation and related costs. It will be able to tell how many panels will be needed in accordance with regulations, the costs of procurement and installation and the savings they are likely to make.

The app will also report how much electricity will be produced by these panels in a year and over the  next 25 years and what will be cost of production and how much they will save on their electricity bill as they can get credits from the state government for the excess power that goes to the grid.

The company plans to make money by recommending the company one should buy the system from and how much will the plant cost and if there is any subsidy on it.

They will not charge anything from the consumer but will make money from the companies they will recommend.

Reference-The New Indian Express

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