Tesla Builds Asia’s Largest Energy Storage System In Just Two Days

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Tesla has just built-Asia’s largest energy storage system at Osaka’s extremely busy train station in Japan — in just two days.

It’s a 7 MWh Powerpack project in partnership with Kintetsu, a large railway operator in Osaka, Japan. It consists of 42 Powerpacks and inverters installed directly at a train station.

The automaker claims that its system can move one of Kintetsu’s trains to safety for up to 30 minutes.

Rather than providing households cheaper and reliable power, it’s designed to make sure trains at the station don’t get stuck and help reduce energy demand on the Osaka grid during peak hours.

In the event of a grid outage, this Osaka Powerpack installation is designed to provide emergency backup power to safely move a train and its passengers to the nearest station.

Osaka’s new power station is part of Tesla’s much broader push to bring the advantages of efficient energy storage to clients all over the world.

It is only beaten by battery systems deployed in Hornsdale and Gannawarra (both in Australia) and Western Samoa.

Reference- Futurism, Business-Standard

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