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Australian Fires Threaten To Worsen Global Climate Change

The wildfires currently ravaging Australia are so massive that they’re triggering widespread weather patterns and altering the environment around the


Visit Australia To Experience Climate Change Firsthand

Want to see Climate Change LIVE and in Action. Look at Australia… Australia is in the midst of an

golf course

Golf Courses Are Going Greener With Solar

Golf courses around the world are offsetting the major expense of electricity by installing solar arrays. The latest one


Meet NEON, Samsung's Artificial Human At CES 2020

Samsung is teasing plans to unveil what it calls an “artificial human” called NEON at the Consumer Electronics Show


Piaggio Has Finally Released An Electric Ape Motorickshaw

Piaggio has finally released an electric Ape motorickshaw. It’s officially being called the Piaggio Ape (that’s “app-eh,” not “ape”)


Robot That Will Autonomously Charge Electric Cars

Tesla isn’t the only car maker with grand visions of EV charging robots. Volkswagen has created a prototype charging


World's 2nd Largest Ferry Network — Switching To Batteries

Washington runs the second-largest ferry system in the world, so switching from diesel to batteries in the early part


Strange: Rivian, Currently Has NO Products To Sell, Yet Raises $1.3 Billion…

Rivian has not even begun building pre-production versions of its RiT electric truck and R1S electric SUV, but it

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