Author: Roshan


NASA & Uber Are Partnering For Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management

Urban air transportation system models are popping up everywhere, from Boeing to Airbus. The NASA research from its Ames

Chinese Government Has A Way Of Getting What It Wants…

In its quest to get more electric cars on the road, China is transitioning away from rebates and subsidies

Renogy’s Phoenix 100 Mini Power Stations At You Fingers Tap

Renogy’s Phoenix 100 Mini Power Stations takes the power banks you probably use for your phone already and amps

A Wooden Car From Japan

Japan just unveiled its vision for the car of the future — and it’s made from wood. The entire

In Search Of World’s Top Corporate Plastic Polluters

Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo are the top 3 most identified companies in global brand audits for the second year

Banks Stare At New NPA’s Due To Renewable Energy Sector

There is renewed nervousness among banks that lending to renewable power utilities companies over the last five years may

India Increased Wind Energy Tariff By 3% In Latest Tender

Struggling to attract sufficient bids for its wind energy tenders, India has decided to increase the maximum tariff bid

Plastic Asphalt: Makes It Possible To Recycle Roads

The City of Angels, USA, is working with a startup called TechniSoil Industrial, to repave one of its downtown

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