Author: Roshan

Fortum Is Checking Feasibility Of Setting Up EV Charging Points At Metro Stations

Based in Finland and operating renewable energy resources in several countries with a focus on carbon emissions reduction, Fortum

TNERC: Curtailment of Solar Generation Is Not OK

Curtailment of solar generation has long been a challenge in the Indian power industry and occurs for a variety

MJO Behind The Fate Of Indian Summer Monsoon

Indian scientists have discovered a hitherto unknown effect of the tropical weather phenomenon known as Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), which

Dust Storms Are Adding To Pollution Woes In India

During May 2018, the national capital region and parts of North India were lashed by three strong dust storms

Climate Change: India’s Wind Power Generation Has Fallen By 13%

Increased warming in the Indian Ocean and the resultant weakening of the Indian summer monsoon may come in the

Noor Energy 1: The 950 Megawatt Dubai Solar Project Sees Financial Closure

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power announced the financial closing of the 950 megawatt

EU Votes To Eliminate Single-Use Plastic By 2021

A significant event happened in European Union (EU) around single-use plastics that could encourage other governments around the globe

Vegetation Drought: A Threat To India’s Food Security

Vegetation drought is a condition of ecosystem which is affected by climate change and low soil moisture. Vegetation distribution

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