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Norway’s First Battery-Powered Aircraft Crash-Landed On A Lake

Norway’s first battery-powered aircraft crash-landed on a lake on Wednesday, in a setback for the country’s aviation strategy, although

Local Residents Claim: Cochin Airports “Canal Top Project” Is Disrupting Water Flow During Floods

Authorities of the Cochin International Airport have decided to dismantle solar panels from one of its eight projects running

Arctic Could Have No Ice In September

A shocking new study says that sea ice in the Arctic could completely disappear through September each summer if

Climate Crisis Is Leading To Mental Health Crisis Too…

The Greenlandic Perspective Survey tells us that 90% of Greenlanders accept that climate change is happening. More than that, it’s

Poor Response To World’s Largest Pure-Play Solar EPC IPO

Sterling & Wilson Solar Limited was forced to reduce the size of its initial public offer (IPO) following poor

Earth’s Food Supply Is Under Threat Due To Climate Change

More than 100 experts contributed to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and they concluded that

Coal Is Here To Stay In India’s Energy Mix For Some Time To Come

Since demand for energy in India is set to double over next decade caused by the rapid growth of

No Takers For Even SECI’s Latest Solar Tender

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has found few takers for its latest 1,200 MW solar power tender.

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