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Are Tesla Batteries Special & Better Than Other Companies?

They’re not. At least in the Model S and Model X, they’re standard 18650 cells. What *is* special is

Hyundai: Educating Consumers To Buy Electric Vehicles

According to a survey conducted for Hyundai by OnePoll, which interviewed 2,000 drivers of gasoline, diesel, and alternatively powered

Ellen: The World’s Largest, 100% Electric Ferry

Land, sea, and air traffic all need to switch to zero emissions. Keep this spirit in mind lets meet

Around 285,000 Electric Vehicles In India Have Received Subsidies So Far…

According to the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, around 285,000 electric vehicles have so far been issued

Windshield Wipers Are A ‘Thing Of Past, Welcome Laser Wipers-Yes Really

If you thought that Tesla’s Cybertruck was futuristic, wait until you hear about this new technology that Tesla has

Repurposed EV Batteries Will Be Used By Electric Tour Boats In Paris

The Seine Alliance is based out of the Paris Yacht Club at Port de Grenelle, Paris. Didier Spade is

Tesla Cybertruck: A Radical Departure From A Normal Pickup Truck

The aerodynamics of a conventional pickup truck are extremely bad. You need probably twice the battery capacity to get

At Least One EV Charging Station Every 3 Km…

In the first phase of Electric Vehicles (EV) rollout plan, the power ministry is targeting 4 billion-plus population cities

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