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Nanoparticle Tech That Can Treat Celiac & In Future Peanut Allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes…

People with celiac disease can’t tolerate gluten as soon as they eat cake, bread, and beer their immune system

Artificial Photosynthesis: Converting CO2 Into Liquid Fuel

In photosynthesis, plants convert energy from sunlight into glucose by rearranging molecules of water and carbon dioxide (CO2). The

BARC Develops ‘Green’ Nanosilver Coating

A group of Indian researchers has now developed a new method to prepare silver nanoparticle loaded antibacterial powder that

A Lung That Makes Clean Fuel From Water

A new type of “lung” created by researchers at Stanford University, give out hydrogen fuel when water is given

New Nanocomposite Can Help In Cleaning Air

Carbon monoxide is a major air pollutant posing threat to human health. A team of scientists led by researcher

Eggshell-derived Nanoparticles may be used for Drug Delivery

Eggshells are among the most commonly discarded kitchen waste. Now scientists are putting eggshells to some novel use –

Nano-particle Drug Delivery System

Indian researchers are trying to engineer an effective drug delivery system through nanoparticles. The use of nanotechnology enables researchers

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