Iran to bolster Kyrgyzstan’s hydro-power sector

Kyrgyzstan’s hydroelectric power sector could receive a boost from the government of Iran. The Islamic Republic enjoys much success in building dams and power plants, and can help the government in Bishkek in this field.

Iran sees no limits for developing cooperation with Kyrgyzstan, especially in the trade and economic fields.  The ground is ready for development of cooperation between the two states.

Kyrgyzstan could be ripe for hydroelectric development — especially after the country’s parliament backed out of a deal with Russia that would have included the construction of five hydro-power projects in January 2016. Had they been built, the plants would have had a cumulative output capacity of over 2 GW.

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Energy and Industry also announced a plan to construct several dozen small hydro plants — largely in response to declining output from the 1,200-MW Toktogul hydro project, which has gone from supplying about 70% of the country’s electricity to about 40% of its electricity amidst ongoing repairs.