India’s Renewable Energy Future

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India is one of the few countries in the world blessed with different kinds of renewable energy
sources. Of the total installed power generation capacity in India, varied renewable energy
sources contribute to around 13.5 percent. However, the energy produced through renewable
energy accounts for around 5–6 percent of total energy generated.
The price volatility of fossil fuels (which are the main source of power in the country),
depleting fossil fuel reserves along with the challenges associated with mining fossil fuels and
environmental degradation due to usage of fossil fuels, creates a space for renewable energy
to compliment conventional power plants (which use fossil fuels) to address the country’s
energy needs in a sustainable manner.
Recognizing this potential, the Government is promoting renewable energy in an aggressive
way and has planned an extremely ambitious target. Such an ambitious renewable energy target
has associated risks, which need mitigation for success. How to mitigate this risk is very crucial
to ensure that aggressively set renewable targets are met.

India’s Renewable Energy Future

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