Rethinking Plastics – Opportunities in Bioplastics – A Strategic Approach

With increasing concerns over the use of plastics, sustainable alternatives to plastics are increasingly in  demand.  Biopolymers  in  general  and  bioplastics  in  particular,  present  one  such  sustainable alternative.

In  this  context,  bioplastics  have  attained  much  prominence  as  they  are  one  of  the  very  few commercially  feasible  alternatives  to  plastics.  Products  and  solutions  based  on bioplastics/biopolymers  present  interesting  opportunities  globally,  and  in  India.  Opportunities  are present  across  a  variety  of  industrial  sectors  that  include  packaging,  water,  beverages,  insulation materials, specialty materials and more.