Indus Towers reduces carbon emissions equivalent to planting 27 million trees

Since its inception in 2008, Indus Towers , India’s largest telecom infrastructure company, has consistently worked towards creating value for all its stakeholders in a sustainable manner with commitment towards green initiatives and ‘Putting India First’. Technology innovations continue to be the backbone of every change envisaged at Indus Towers with focus on driving down environmental impact while enabling uninterrupted telecommunication networks.

It recently achieves a key milestone in its sustainable telecom journey by converting half of its portfolio to green sites. In line with its commitment towards protecting the environment, the company has made significant progress in expanding its green sites portfolio to over 62,000 mobile sites across India. Today, Indus Towers operates more than 86,200 sites as outdoor sites, totaling to 70% of portfolio, by eliminating usage of air conditioners at such sites; initiatives like ‘Shut AC’ program coupled with deployment of disruptive storage solutions have resulted in significant reduction in direct carbon emissions equivalent to planting 27 million trees and diesel savings of 200 million litres in last five years.

Indus Towers uses high-energy efficiency solutions to achieve maximum power output and has been deploying Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries at its sites. Implementing environment-friendly initiatives such as Solar Cooling Units (SCUs) and Simple Power Solutions (SPSs) at sites have resulted in 40% energy savings till date.

One of the accomplishments towards reducing significant power consumption has been replacing air conditioning with Free Cooling Units (FCUs) and Natural Cooling Units (NCUs) to maximise the conversion of Indoor (ID) to Outdoor (OD) as a part of ‘Shut AC’ initiative. The company has reduced energy consumption in mobile towers in addition to lowering carbon emission