Arjun Acquires Enviromena Power Systems

Arjun Infrastructure Partners, a British independent infrastructure investment advisory company, has acquired Enviromena Power Systems (Enviromena), a clean energy project company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Enviromena is involved in developing, deploying, and operating clean energy solutions throughout the MENA region. With a project footprint spanning nine countries, the company has installed more than 17,000 solar systems and has the largest portfolio of solar rooftops in the region.

With this acquisition, Arjun Infrastructure Partners has acquired an operational solar portfolio of 175 MW and under-development solar portfolio of 500 MW.

This transaction comes at perfect time for Enviromena. The opportunity to deploy solar assets throughout MENA is happening now, and the strategic support and access to capital that AIP brings to the table will enables them to enhance their position as the market leader.