Kirloskar Solar to set up 200 MW Solar Plant in Kerala

Kirloskar Solar Pvt. Ltd. (KSTPL), is planning to tap the potential in Kerala as part of strengthening its presence in the country. It has partnered with GSL Energy Solutions to achieve 200 mw of solar power in the state by 2020. The company plans to cover a broad spectrum of market covering domestic, educational, hospitality, healthcare, commercial and industrial uses.

The solar industry which has been growing at 20 to 30% and is now set for consolidation,  Kirloskar too wants to ride the wave and so would be launching new products like ready to install on-grid solar kits, solar off grid inverters and power packs and an innovative solar product that will produce hot water as well as electricity.

GSL Energy Solutions feels that Kerala is yet to realise the potential of solar power. The state just has a capacity of 88.5 mw as compared with 1900 mw in Tamil Nadu and 2300 mw in Karnataka.

GSL itself has launched a scheme to encourage domestic users to convert their inverters to solar ones.