Rs.134 Cr. was allocated for Bio-gas in 2017-18 budget-an update

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been implementing programmes such as National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP), Biogas Power (Off-grid) Generation Programme (BPGP), and Waste to Energy Programme for setting up of Biogas Plants based on cattle dung and other mixed biodegradable wastes to meet cooking, heating, lighting & small power and thermal energy needs of the people of remote and rural areas of the country.

Under the National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP), family type biogas plants are set up for individual households to provide biogas as clean fuel for cooking to the people of rural and remote areas. Till date about 49.6 lakh household size biogas plants have been installed since the inception of the biogas programme in the country.  Under the Head ‘Biogas Programme’ a provision of Rs.134 Crores was made in the budget estimate (BE) for the year 2017-18.

These programmes need to be implemented with more vigor in order to tackle the nitrogen  menace in times to come.