Penguin to Use Eco-Friendly Paper

Penguin Random House India will print its books on certified environment-friendly paper, the publishing house has announced.

The initiative to move to printing books on environment- friendly paper that is certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is part of a commitment to be environmentally responsible in its products and operations, it said.

The FSC is an organisation that works to promote the practise of sustainable forestry worldwide by setting standards for forest products like wood and paper and certifying that these standards have been met.

An FSC certification lets consumers know that the paper they are using has been sourced in an environment-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Penguin Random House India said it will move to using FSC-certified paper for a significant part of its printed books and will gradually move to printing all single-colour books on FSC-certified paper.

It said it will become the first trade publisher in the country to adhere to FSC standards.